Anytime I read this poem I think of some of my darkest days.

Everyone has had a day that they physically, mentally, and emotionally did have the strength to get out of bed.

It’s happened to me quite a few times, but with every broken moment I learn a lesson to better myself and to strengthen myself.

This poem assures me that whatever might be holding us back (dead end jobs, finances) or shattering our spirits (family dramas), it can never break us but free us from the fear, the shame, and pain we once felt.

Break open my friends…..BREAK OPEN!

Heartbreak opens onto the sunrise

For even breaking is opening

And I am broken

I’m open

Broken to the new light without pushing in

Open to the possibilities within, pushing out

See the love shine in through my cracks?

See the light shine out through me?

I  am broken

I am open

I am broken open

See the love light shining through me

Shining through my cracks

Through the gaps

My spirit takes journey

My spirit takes flight

Could not have risen otherwise

And I am not running

I’m choosing

Running is not a choice from the breaking

Breaking is freeing

Broken is freedom

I am not broken

I’m free.

 Written by Dee Rees


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