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I don’t care what I have in between my legs, ladies and gents, I am OBSESSED with the movie The Devil Wears Prada. However, I think I took the movie in the wrong way. In both the book and the movie, Miranda Priestly played by the incomparable Meryl Streep was the antagonist (or villain) of the movie. For me, Anne Hathaway‘s character of Andy Sachs could go kick rocks for all I cared because Miranda Priestly was the hero of the movie and one of the rare examples of who I would love my future daughters to look up to.

Let me explain. Throughout the movie, the over arching theme was how we should not be consumed by our jobs or you will end up like Miranda who is depicted as being cold, inhuman, cut throat and just not a person you want to be around. But for all the dreamers out there……How exactly do you expect to make all these BIG dreams come true if you are not consumed and obsessed?!?! It takes stamina, strength, and determination of the biblical level to try to achieve the simplest of dreams to begin with.

Andy Sachs was cute and we all loved her transformation from girl next door to glamazon, but I did not like the fact that throughout the movie she was constantly attacked for trying to be good at her job and trying to make the most of her opportunities. From her friends to her boyfriend, everyone seemed to have a problem with her working late, taking on extra responsibilities, and making herself invaluable to her boss. ARE YOU KIDDING ME WITH THAT!! Gloria Steinem probably had a mild stroke when she saw this! And the part that aggravates me is that she let it get to her and she felt guilty and ashamed of it. For me, Andy was doing exactly what all us dream chasers and star reachers must do to get ahead in life. If we want the jobs, careers, and lives that we have always wanted those choices and sacrifices are necessary.

I consider Miranda priestly to be the hero of this move because she represented strength, determination, resilience, and tenacity. All the qualities that we need to have to make in this world. Especially in these troubling times where the money is no where to be found. As a woman, she did not diminish herself to appease the ego of her husband, she was tough and unapologetic about being so, and her style was RIDICULOUS. If Miranda Priestly were a real person and born in the late 1980s we would have been married by now……Oh wait…..She is Real!!!!

blog 114, Anna Wintour Wall Street journal

Talk about a kick ass woman! Anna Wintour, for whom the book and the movie were based on is the living embodiment of a powerful woman. Lets just break it down – shall we. Wintour is a woman who did not go to college, and yet was able to work her way up to the most coveted spot in magazines, editor-in-chief, at the most heralded fashion magazine in the world, VOGUE. And how did she do it?!?! Through determination, tenacity, obsession with being the best, and a killer sense of self.  Before Sheryl Sandberg there was Anna Wintour. In an age where print media is pretty much a dying business, and I’ve seen people intern for five years before they land an entry-level position that can barley afford them a monthly metro card, Wintour is still one of the highest paid editors in the business. And I thought jobs and promotions were scarce now a days? Not for Wintour. The 63-year-old magazine veteran has just been named the creative director of the entire Conde Nast publishing powerhouse. hmmmm….Sounds like Ms. Wintour is on to something there.

 I don’t know about the rest of you dreamers but I’d be ok with a little obsession and working late to make it all the way to that level.



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